Kelly’s June Wine Blog – Roses

Summer time, summer time, sum, sum , summertime!!!  There is no better time of the year to drink Roses.  I personally try to stock pile enough of them, (I mean cases) to last through the summer and then ration them into the fall.  Most of the beauties only come out in spring and sell out very quickly. Don’t confuse these with the sweet White Zinfandel we all know.  These wine are dry and carry big flavors of watermelon, strawberry and raspberry.  They should be served well chilled and make a great pairing with salads and garlic dishes. Yum, Yum.

Here are some of my favorites:

Martin Ray Rose- made with Pinot Noir grapes

Mas Des Bressades- mostly Grenache and Syrah grapes

Alexander Valley Vineyards- made with Sangiovese grapes

Bieler Pere & Fils- mostly Grenache and Syrah grapes


All these wines are priced under $13.00 so pick up a few and you will be hooked!


Cheers, Kelly

Wine Manager

Otto’s Elm Grove