The Otto’s Team Tours MKE Brewing

Greetings, Beer Lovers!

This past week, the Otto’s crew was treated to a special taste of one of the Cream City’s biggest craft beer selections. MKE Brewing Company is a staple and exemplar of Milwaukee’s ever-growing and exciting craft beer scene. So, of course, we were ready to try a cold one. And wow, a brand-new beautiful location next to the Fiserv Forum too, you say?

A fun bus — stocked with ales and lagers — providing transportation for us beer lovers here at Otto’s? Yes, please.

MKE’s new location on 9th Street, in what used to be the large and dilapidated Pabst production center, is now quite the sight. Before even stepping into the building, it’s clear that MKE aims to reinforce the image when people think of MKE. They’ve grown from a cozy little brewery in Walker’s Point to a massive restaurant, bar, production facility, gift shop, and rooftop attraction that should be on anyone’s to-visit list, tourist or not.

As soon as we entered, the crew was led to the bar for a beer on-the-house, where we took in the vastness of this super-modernized MKE. The tap-list sports several experimental brews that you can’t (never say never) find on your Otto’s shelves. A few of these include a coconut cream ale, Skandinavian IPA, and New England Style IPA. Yours truly chose a snifter of the Snake Oil Stout, a nitro cold brew coffee stout due out for distribution any week now. And if this smooth, chocolaty delight is even half as good in cans as it is on tap, Snake Oil Stout is sure to be a hit with craft lovers.

After one or two, we were given a tour of the brewing facility. Things have come a long way since 2nd Street. Through a window, consumers can view detailed data readouts of measurements and levels of each step of the production process. While it is possible to operate the majority of production through automated machinery, MKE employs the use of human hands to ensure that the homespun quality of their beer is not lost to cold technology.

Most interesting to me, was the fact that the old 2nd Street location is still in operation, but it sounds like the production leads may pivot in that location’s output. Maybe we’ll get some MKE sours in the relatively near future? This puckerhead hopes so.

Onto the rooftop bar, where one can easily view the Milwaukee skyline and the neighboring Fiserv Forum. I have yet to attend a party at MKE’s rooftop bar, but I can tell you there’s lots of space and opportunity to go crazy.

Our trip concluded with a complimentary dinner (the sweet corn was a unanimous favorite) and a visit to the gift shop. This is how to be spoiled in Milwaukee. 

A huge shout out to the good folks at our distributor Beechwood Sales & Service and of course the talented brewers and workers at MKE. May they never stop spoiling all of us with their craft.

Sam T.

Brown Deer