Maker’s Mark Private Select In Stock at Otto’s Wine and Spirits

The long awaited version of Otto’s Wine and Spirits Maker’s Mark Private Select has arrived at our stores.  Back in May, we sent Steve from our Menomonee Falls location, Chris from Oakland and Tim from Brown Deer down to the Maker’s Mark Distillery in Kentucky to create our very own “Private Select.”

This is made in the same manner as Maker’s Mark 46, where a combination of 10 staves are inserted to a barrel that is then filled with Maker’s Mark Cask Strength and aged for an additional amount of time.  What makes this unique is that there are 5 different types of staves, Baked American Pure, Seared French Cuvee, Maker’s 46, Roasted French Mocha and Toasted French Spice, each of which add distinctive flavors and aromas to the original bourbon.  Thousands of different stave combinations could be created and we feel our guys put together a great one.

They were given bourbon samples that were aged in each type of wood.  They then blended these together, precisely measuring each bourbon sample.  They tried two different combinations, both of which they thought we really nice, but something was lacking.  They decided that it needed a bit more spice and wanted to keep the richness that the French Mocha staves added.  So they made one final adjustment, and, as they say, “the third time’s a charm.”  The creation was complete.

Shortly after choosing the stave combination, the guys went to the barrel room where they slotted the staves into an empty barrel.  The barrel was filled to the top, much like filling your tank at the gas station.  The barrel was then sent to the rick house where the bourbon soaked into those staves for over 3 months, extracting a wide variety of flavors.  The final product is a rich and complex with a long, smooth finish with a nice hint of spice.  Bottled at 108.5 proof, it packs a nice punch. 

Stop by one of our 7 locations and pick up this one of a kind edition of Maker’s Mark Private Select for yourself or that bourbon lover in your life.  See you soon!

Tim – Brown Deer