September Wine Blog

What to say about September?  It’s not quite fall but any schoolchild will tell you that summer is over.  As seasons change so do our taste; Lemonade, picnics and watermelon are replaced by apple cider football games and pumpkin spice.  Soon to will our lean whites and fragrant rose’s be replaced by decadent rich Cabernet and viscous buttery Chardonnay.  I say that summer is a time for experimenting with different white wines.  Sure the grapefruit and herbal notes of Sauvignon Blanc and the crisp citrus of Pinot Grigio still hit the spot, but it’s fun to discover a tasty Verdejo or Pinot Blanc occasionally.  Perhaps September then, can be a time a time to try red wines you aren’t accustomed to.  I suggest you use this season of change as an opportunity to change your tastes and expand your palate.  Get yourself out of your normal buying habits and you’ll be pleased with the results.  With that in mind I’ve put together a few of my favorites that are ‘off the beaten path’ and are all available at a more than reasonable price.  Of course if you’d prefer you can always stop by one of our seven locations and talk to one of our wine professionals or friendly associates who will be more than happy to make a more personalized recommendation.


Argiolas Costera
– Sardinian wine made from Cannonau (Grenache). Rich, savory and complex for the price.fuerza

Bodegas Ego Fuerza – Monastrell Cabernet blend from Jumilla Spain. Bold yet balanced with sweet smoky tannins.CariniA2B

Carini A2B – Alicante Bouschet from California with a deep dark berry flavor and no oak.Tessellae

Domaine Lafage Tessellae Old Vines Carignan – Carignan from Roussillon, France. Tons of spice and fruit in a nearly hedonistic wine. This one goes quick and is definitely a must buy.

Jonathan Dunne

Wine Manager- Otto’s Cedarburg