Wine Styles for the Fall

Transition from Summer to Fall Wines

Even though the weather has been warm and the leaves haven’t shown any signs of changing, we’re very close to fall. In selecting wines for fall, you want wines that are a great transition between what we were drinking in the Summer – light, crisp and refreshing – and what we’ll drink in the Winter – dark, smooth and warming.

We’re going to recommend the regions and grape varieties you should be looking for instead of labels themselves. The rest of the discovery is up to you, which we think is half the fun. Here are some styles of wine you should be drinking as the leaves turn golden and you’re getting ready for the next football kickoff.


Syrah’s spicy, warming aromas go perfectly with the cool weather and fall fare hitting the tables, while its nice acidity still reminds us of the light reds we were drinking in the summer.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, known as a gateway red for white wine drinkers, is usually light bodied and can even be chilled in the summer. Pinot Noir is also considered one of the best wines to pair with turkey. Can’t get more autumn than that.

Oaky Chardonnay

Unlike its unoaked or stainless steel counterpart, oaky Chardonnays are perfect for the fall. Their richer, deeper flavor pairs well with heartier chicken dishes, candy corn and caramel apples.

Charlie – Bayside