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August Wine Blog

I just thought it would be a great time for some “basic guidelines” for wine tasting. With so many charities, restaurants and retailers putting together wine events, these are just a few guidelines to follow so you can be in the know and impress your wine friends.

1. Do not drink coffee before you taste wine ( it goofs up your palate for tasting)

2. Do not brush your teeth before tasting wine (toothpaste and wine do NOT mix)

3. Perfume and cologne should NOT be worn to a wine tasting (our sense of smell is a big part of tasting wine)

4. If there is a program given that lists the wines, take the time before you taste to make a plan. Put a star next to the ones you “have to” taste. Some tasting have over 50 wines- pace yourself, not many people I know can taste and judge much more than 20-25 wines. Step outside your box, try something new, this is the time.

5. Start with bubbles (Champagne, Cava, Prosecco) Next, move onto whites, red wine next and finish with dessert wines (Ports, Ice Wine, sweet wines)

6. As hard as it is sometimes, SPIT! That’s what those buckets on the table are for. If you swallow all the wines you are tasting you will be a memorable part of the event- and maybe not a good one. P.S. wine does NOT make you a better dancer.

7. The two most important things are:

The only good wine is the one YOU like!

Call an Uber or a cab to get you home!

Have Fun,


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